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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Your Funniest Cycling Story

OK - we are on the hunt for a great cycling-related story that will make us laugh. Can't really tell you why we want this story - but suffice to say that we will be keeping the winner's ramblings locked away with our nuclear passcodes.

OH - the winner will receive a 6-pack of Arrogant Bastart Ale. So send em' in!



Blogger Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Well, there was this one time at Band Camp...

11:58 AM  
Blogger budda43 said...

So maybe this isn't the funniest cycling story, but it's the funniest one I have.

I'm Not a Wuss

Maybe I'll be the only entry and get the beer :)

10:11 AM  
Blogger Daniel M said...

Way back in the day of doing 5-6 hr rides just to be out on the bike, a buddy of mine and I were on our way up the grade from Sunset Cliffs to the Pt. Loma Nazarene College. Any one who has ever been on that campus knows it is straight up for about 400 meters, with speed bumps going from gutter to gutter on the road. We are talking over 20% grade for the whole stretch. We were trying to keep the front wheel on the ground and crack jokes at the same time. JT, my buddy, decides he is gong to try and "coax" a small, shall we say, "audio release" (fart) from his buttocks. All for the purpose of illiciting a laugh and killing my momentum. Needless to say, the combination of his Jedi mind control over his bodily fuinctions and the gradient of the road, he literally filled his shorts. I mean FILLED his shorts. Maybe the morning coffee was to blame, butt he had quite a load of trouble to handle, all puns intended. We had to stop at the restrooms at the top of the hill so he could "rinse" his shorts out to be able to ride home. Talk about an odiferous ride home. There was no way I was sitting on that wheel...

1:59 PM  
Anonymous karen said...

on the west coast of ireland a few years ago, i was staying in doolin - a small town near the cliffs of moher in county clare. i had just finished a bike tour and had a few days till i left ireland. so i rented a beat up mountain bike and road to fanore beach. the bike weighed a lot and getting back up that huge hill was tough. also there was a strong headwind. as i was slowly making my way up, two young teenage boys were pointing at the bike and saying something. something about the wheel... but with the wind whistling by my helmet and their strong accents it was hard to make out what they were saying. i didn't want to stop pedaling so i tried to turn around and see if there was something wrong. 'your back wheel...' i kept hearing. finally i did stop and get off and then i could hear what they were saying: 'your back wheel, it goes round and round. when you ride, it goes round and round!' then they laughed at me because i had stopped and gotten off the bike to look at the wheel. when i brought the bike back to the rental shop the owner said sometimes they tell people 'looks like your back wheel's trying to overtake the front!'

12:35 PM  

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