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We make clothes. Good, tight, stretchy clothes. They are fun and colorful. Our clothes work best on bikes, but some of us like to wear them when bowling, shopping at the street fair or just ordering some ice creme. The main point is we make clothes. Good clothes.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Quick Release

Today will be the day that the Canari office staff get that once in a lifetime opportunity to make it big. A fleeting chance at stardom. A break into the world of celebrity. An open door into the house of movie stars and rock idols. Today is the day we are going into the land of "above and beyond", "the next step", "pushing the limits", "breaking the glass ceiling". Today is going to be better than class picture day in Jr. High School. Today we all become models for the Canari ad campaign photo shoot!!!! Stay tuned people as this is only the begining of a new career full of bling bling and cruising in chaeufered Maybachs....


Blogger clrobins said...

You're a tiger, your Tony the Tiger - GRRR Baby, VERY GRRR. I've had 3 offers since Friday to direct some musac videos as a result of the extremely sucessful shoot. Guess word spreads quickly. Of course, I will have to tell Kanye, Snoop and Gwen it's just a side gig, my main focus is still world domination via our evil world wide empire here at Canari.

8:21 AM  

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