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Friday, November 11, 2005

"Quick Release"

So I am on my way to work this morning, driving along the north county corridor that is El Camino Real, (believe me when I say there is nothing royal about this road now days), and I see him. The same guy I see just about every day. Rain, wind, mud, Santa Ana dry, bitter morning cold; you name and he rides in it. It is still dark out and I ask myself if I would be riding at this time of day if I weren't going to my desk. No lights on the street or on his bike. Makes me wonder a little bit about the sanity level of this guy as I have seen cars on this stretch of pave' doing an easy 70 in a 50 zone.
Disturbed, destitute, delerious or dedicated? Pick your poison...
I haven't decided whether to envy, or feel sorry for this guy.


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