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We make clothes. Good, tight, stretchy clothes. They are fun and colorful. Our clothes work best on bikes, but some of us like to wear them when bowling, shopping at the street fair or just ordering some ice creme. The main point is we make clothes. Good clothes.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Base Layers

I do not know what you all think but the last couple of days here in the southland has been COLD. So while I am tinking of it, DO NOT forget your CANARI BASE LAYER. Make sure you ask for it at your local Bike Shop !!!!! Take a look at the web site and the 06 spring line.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Isn't that special . . .

OK Guys - here we are in our own Canari community, given carte-blanche to talk as much as we want about whatever we want, for as long as we want - so what to discuss? The latest wool product? Our newest 4/way stretch pads? Licensing Bond/007? You might think so - more importantly though - the real topic is food - who is going to bring in more cookies this week? Not the oatmeal/healthly stuff - but the chocolate-chip w/ pecan ones. Also - we could arrange for Jami to get some more smarties available, and finally, extra scooby-snacks for whoever brings in pecan pie. It all should be home-made! Audio 5000 - cr

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Quick Release

Today I had the honor of participating in a job interview for a position that is open here at Canari Cyclewear. The one thing that stuck in my head the entire time was that I was helping one of the owners do the interview and we were both wearing shorts and cracking jokes. How cool is that?!?!? Where else can you work in a down to earth environment where not only upper management, but the owner no less, is that cool?!?!?! Needless to say it was a refreshing reminder that Canari is a VERY COOL place to work and we still need somone here in the office. Let me know if you need a job.... No really, let me know...

Friday, November 11, 2005

Adventures of a Canari sales rep

So there I was driving north on the 55 Looking for the south bound 5 freeway. When the south bound exit was closed do to construction. I was diverted to the 22 west bound because I was in the wrong lane and trapped. As I continued west on a stretch of highway that has no shoulders on either side and no exits they were closed as well. I finally got myself turned back around and heading east back toward the 5 freeway. Guess what ?? That south bound exit was closed also.
another 10 mile out of my way I finally made back to the 5 south after every detour. Stay tuned for more adventures of a Canari sales rep.

"Quick Release"

So I am on my way to work this morning, driving along the north county corridor that is El Camino Real, (believe me when I say there is nothing royal about this road now days), and I see him. The same guy I see just about every day. Rain, wind, mud, Santa Ana dry, bitter morning cold; you name and he rides in it. It is still dark out and I ask myself if I would be riding at this time of day if I weren't going to my desk. No lights on the street or on his bike. Makes me wonder a little bit about the sanity level of this guy as I have seen cars on this stretch of pave' doing an easy 70 in a 50 zone.
Disturbed, destitute, delerious or dedicated? Pick your poison...
I haven't decided whether to envy, or feel sorry for this guy.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

And then the quick release was invented...

Good day, I am Dan and you are not.
I write this blog cause Timmy J. said it was hot.
I said "Yer crazy, does anyone read this stuff?"
He said, Yup, I'm nuts and they read it sure enough!"
Fine with me, count me in, I'm on board.
I'm sure the people will read in masses and hoards.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the "Quick release"
A small unobtrusive missive that will happen quite regularly....